Endurance Focused, Good Music, Fun Exercises...Yes Please

The TRIBES Aerobic class is all about building endurance using what nature has gifted us, our own bodies. Over 50 minutes you'll join your fellow class attendees and be guided through a series of all body functional training exercises. We like to think of the class as your daily jog with the addition of new exercises, new music and new people to always keep it interesting, challenging and entertaining.

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In this class you will:

  • Be guided through 50 minutes of exercise instruction, including all workout aspects from warm-up, exercise demonstrations and in-class coaching from a qualified trainer;

  • Be provided with all of the necessary exercise materials you shall need, all we ask is that you arrive ready to train with a personal bottle of water, some gloves and a towel.

  • Be able to progress at your own pace. Your trainer will guide you through finding the right level of resistance for each exercise so you can progress at the right level for you.

We are a Community...We are there for each other

  • Members are encouraged to join the group class WhatsApp chat for key updates;

  • Join us and class members at our class socials

  • You can always reach out to us at any time via WhatsApp, SMS or e-mail for any questions you have or any guidance you may need.

When and Where?

The class runs outdoors all year round several days per week, always in a convenient, city centre location. Check out our class timetable for our current schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of unsafe conditions such as extreme weather the class shall be cancelled and we shall seek to notify all participants with plenty of notice.


First time? Join for a free trial session, it will be great to meet you and introduce you to the other class members.

Single sessions are available at 25.00chf or from 17.00chf with the purchase of a Pricing Plan.

COVID -19 Class Adaptations

To ensure a safe and fun exercise environment, all trainers and participants must comply with the Swiss government regulations regarding COVID-19, see our COVID-19 page on our website for further information.