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LGBT+ & Allies Bootcamp

Wednesday's 19:00

In collaboration with RainbowSport Zurich we run our Wednesday evening group fitness class for the LGBT+ community and allies. The bootcamp is designed for the community, by the community and is open to everyone of all abilities.

Each week you can expect new music, new challenges and, throughout the year, fitness classes celebrating key events in the LGBT+ calendar such as PRIDE month, AIDS and transgender awareness weeks to name just a few.

With a focus on building a community the bootcamp is often followed by a social gathering to cool down together after the workout, make new friends and enjoy some refreshments.

All set? Why not try out the class for free and book a free trial onto an upcoming class here or scroll down for further details.

Class Languages

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In this bootcamp class you will:

  • Be guided through 50 minutes of exercise instruction, including all workout aspects from warm-up, exercise demonstrations and in-class coaching from a qualified trainer;

  • Be provided with all of the necessary exercise materials you shall need, all we ask is that you arrive ready to train with a personal bottle of water, some gloves and a towel.

  • Be able to progress at your own pace. Your trainer will guide you through finding the right level of resistance for each exercise so you can progress at the right level for you.

We are a Community... We are there for each other

  • Manage your membership and join your fellow bootcamp members by registering on our app and joining the group here.

  • Join us and class members at our class socials

  • You can always reach out to us at any time via WhatsApp, SMS or e-mail for any questions you have or any guidance you may need.

COVID -19 Class Adaptations

To ensure a safe and fun exercise environment, all trainers and participants must comply with the Swiss government regulations regarding COVID-19, see our COVID-19 page on our website for further information.


The Bootcamp runs outdoors all year round and always in a convenient city centre location. Check out our class timetable for our up to date times and locations.

APRIL - OCTOBER: Kasernenareal 

NOVEMBER - MARCH: Schulhaus Kern

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of unsafe conditions such as extreme weather the class may be cancelled or relocation, we shall seek to notify all participants with plenty of notice.

First time? Join for a free trial session, it will be great to meet you and introduce you to the other class members.

Single Session:    25.00CHF

Pricing Plans:       From 17.00CHF


Bruce Maidment Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Bruce Maidment

  • Bruce Maidment Instagram Hyperlink

"As a member of the LGBT+ community it is so much fun to be able to bring my love of sports and fitness into the community, to create an accepting and safe space for everyone to exercise and socialise"