Bruce Maidment demonstrating professional outdoor exercise equipment in a park in Zürich

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach in Zürich

Bruce Maidment

L3 Certified Personal Trainer

Sports Conditioning Coach


​As a personal trainer my focus is always on my client, their safety, their enjoyment and their training goals.


We are all on a health and fitness journey and I invite you to share yours with me, to work together to keep you on track, perhaps redirect your path to get you back on track or re-write your journey to better suit your current situation.

Want to know more about what to expect in and out of training sessions?


Find out more about my approach to personal training below, or simply contact me here and I'll reach out to you to set up a free consultation.



All aspects of your training are customisable, as a new client our first step together is a client consultation in person or, where needed, via video call to get to know one another and to map out your expectations from your training sessions.

No training session is ever the same however there are certain standards you can expect throughout your personal training journey with me. 

Our Relationship

  • What we discuss together is confidential to you, this way we can work together openly and freely to make sure everything that matters is taken into account when I plan and manage our sessions together


  • I am available for you. Training doesn't finish once the session is over and I actively encourage you to reach out to me regularly to keep me updated with how you're getting on and to help with any follow-up questions or advice you may need.


  • Life happens and sometimes we need to change things to accommodate it. This is understandable and if we need to make changes to schedules and session plans we can, as long as we both agree to provide a fair amount of notice.


  • A regular and effective training schedule is critical for sustainable improvements to your health and fitness and knowing that you have a trainer that you can depend on is critical. 

Injury Prevention

  • Rule number 1, if you are injured you can't train. Making sure you execute your exercises with precision and at a pace that matches your ability is fundamental and is the foundation for your program plan.


In-Studio, At Home or Outdoors

In-Studio - Studio14 Zurich

In the heart of Zurich City join me in a fully equipped personal training  only studio. With a maximum of three clients at any time we can work through a training plan in a fitness center without distraction.

At Home - Zuirch Stadt

If you prefer the comfort and convenience of training at home we shall focus upon adaptable exercises using necessary equipment to build  a full workout plan designed for you.

Training Outdoors

The city of Zurich is full of perfect locations to train outdoors, with additional equipment designed for outdoor use we can run through a full workout plan together.


Consultation: Free

Single Session:     150.00CHF

x10 Sessions:         140.00CHF

x20 Sessions:        135.00CHF

*All personal training session pricing includes the option of a digital version of your workout plan.