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Workout Summary

This workout is taught in both English and German. Yoga is an ancient Indian science that exercises, trains, and nurtures the body and mind and mind at the same time. The Sanskrit word "yoga" means "union," a harmonious interplay of body and mind in all aspects of life. Hatha means power, energy, and in this context stands for a very a very body-oriented yoga. Yoga was developed to promote health and train mental discipline. The positive effects of a regular yoga practice are far-reaching: from stress reduction to strengthening of the muscles, improving posture, strengthening the back, strengthening the immune system and strengthening the immune system and self-esteem. In this yoga lesson, Stephan offers a broad spectrum which are combined to bring body and mind into harmony.: - Breathing technique (Pranayama), - The energy centers (chakras), - The physical exercises (asanas), - The sun salutation (Surya Namaskara), - The Vinyasa Flow (a flowing, dynamic execution of the asanas) - The deep relaxation/meditation (Yoga Nidra) Chakra Yoga This form of yoga is based on Hatha Yoga, with the aim of strengthening the chakras (7 main energy fields) in our body in balance. These can be over-activated or blocked. With this yoga practice brings them back into flow. It consists of a mixture of postures (asanas), which are specifically assigned to the respective chakras, as well as pranayama, meditation and relaxation. This yoga practice can activate and relax us. These 7 chakras offer us valuable support. You cannot see them - like the meridians - cannot be seen, but are assigned to feelings and physical ailments. It is a gentle, energetic yoga technique, where the focus is on one's own mindfulness and takes into account physical limitations are taken into account. What will be provided: - All equipment necessary to perform the class - Water and light refreshments - Changing facilities and WC (excluding a shower) What you need to bring: - Suitable light sports clothing - A sweat towel - Note the class will be performed bare foot or in socks

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