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Miquel Sanagustin Llousas

Yoga Instructor

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+41 79 315 35 03

My name is Miquel and I’m from Barcelona. Yoga has made its way in my path slowly but constantly. I’ve been practicing for several years until I got the call to go through my teacher training in Basel.

I think teaching Yoga goes in both ways, as the word Yoga means, to join and unite. The Union between the Yoga instructor guiding and assisting and the teachings from the students and practitioners that unroll their mats to fulfill their intentions in every class. The mat it’s been for me the best place to grow, learn, share, heal and return to the light and love that we all have inside. And... you can unroll your mat everywhere, so Yoga goes everywhere you go!

As a lifelong learner, I will integrate into my classes the learnings I acquire in my journey and adapting them to the class needs since some days it feels for vinyasa flows and moving Yang energy and some days it feels for Yin flows, or even a combination of both, in a constant dance between our Moon and Sun sides.

Classes are held in English.

Miquel Sanagustin Llousas
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